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  • This is a great idea for a Page XX article - I don't know of any writing on it. A couple of things to note. Fresh PCs have a ton of resources, so you can hit them fairly hard to start without worrying you'll hurt, them then fine tune later encounte…
  • It's more I think that vampires make an impression, and their stories come out - after all they spread their fear and influence wide by necessity.
  • Yes, and if you fail to disengage you can either hit the adjacent foe, or move and take the opportunity attack.
  • This isn't an official answer, but I treat miss damage as the same type of damage as the source of hit damage.
  • I am really sorry about this. Our web guy is ludicrously busy, and has not been able to deal with this. I've not currently got access to delete users or set up better spam protection. I'll get back to you when I know more.
    in Spam Comment by Simon August 2016
  • After the roll I give out tokens; red for 5 and black for 6. Having the tokens reminds the players in game they can use them. Often, they will use them after a failed roll, when a DC is high, for a ritual, or when they are stuck somehow. It's fine t…
  • Yes, they can do both. Your Hailer/Pilot is skilled in both Override and Maneuver.
  • Stability and Health I think are weird but OK for MOS; you could for example use them when you are on a minus and near a threshold. Being on 0 Stability and being able to succeed at a Stability test, however hard, could be quite useful. Likewise for…