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  • Try Urban Shadows, it should work just fine for you if you are not averse to Apocalypse World style mechanics. I love NBA dearly, but as written, it's most decisively not an urban fantasy soap opera.
  • Thanks. I'll be happy to take a look. (My gmail name is fidelismanus, if it is of service)
  • I've just runned it on monday as a convention event (after some playtests at home), using a somewhat different approach. We had 14 players divided to three group by playset preferences (I asked each GM to choose and prepare two playsets, to demonstr…
  • I think that my next campaighn will be "A day after Ragnarok" on the 13th Age. So if anyoune has guns and vehicles notes I would be glad to read. A defiance game also sounds neat.
  • There are not as much as analogues, but real societies with serial numbers of lots of place for change and customization Reedbeards = Egyptians, pretty strict Eye-Burners = Assyrians. Brick-Squarers = Babylonians. The brick squarring, lots of c…
  • Thanks for the responsiveness and the interest. You guys are great.
  • I mean, when using PDFs. The stat blocks are fine (if somewhat to heavy coloured for a low tech printers) but the text write ups for the characters are divided between pages and columns. Using them as handouts involve printing all of them and then c…
  • Maybe some general suggestions about adding and using powers (or are they saved for the mysterious second DramaSystem game?) Or - an extended play example. Something like what is included in Fiasco. To help new players overcome suspicion.
  • On the same print friendly theme: Is it possible to include a print friendly version of pre-made characters in the products where pre-made characters are included? I've just purchased Dead Rock Seven, and though the pre-made crew is a great way t…