Owl Hoot Trail of Cthulhu

I'm reading my copy of Owl Hoot Trail of Cthulhu. I'm a little confused. I don't remember seeing any Shee or Halflin' characters in Lovecraft (but I suppose that's not surprising given his flaming racism).

Nyarlathotep's DRAW stat is simply given as "faster'n you, pardner". How does that work mechanically?

It is noted that Deep Ones use their flash flood ability to dry-gulch opponents. Shouldn't that be "wet-gulch"?

What's the canter speed of a Byakhee in furlongs per fortnight?

Just what exactly DID happen to Juan Romero, anyway?


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    We did have Tsathoggua in our game of OHToC. Not exactly HPL, but near enough.
  • Dumb question, but where can I find this? I have both Trail of Cthulhu and Owl Hoot Trail RPG books, but is there a third book that blends the two?
  • Although posted in October, there was a hint of April about the OP.

    We did have the big furry frog in our game however. He'd been summoned into a mine, into a cavern that was too small for him to get out. And so he stayed there eating anything that came near.

    I also ran an anti-nativity game for Christmas in which the bad guys, in attempted to cause the birth of the anti-Christ by inverting the nativity. The day was saved partly by hearty singing of Christmas carols, and by the judicious used of dynamite.
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