Rise of the Runelords Adventure Part in the Dragon Empire

Hi all,
I have recently acquired the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary edition (gorgeous book, btw!) and I intend to run it with 13th Age. Has anyone thought how to fit it into the Dragon Empire? I am not interested in the Pathfinder setting (actually the game takes place in Varisia, a small region in Golarion), as I'd have to fish for Icons, and I don't know the setting very well; Varisia might just be a part of the Dragon Empire? 
From a cursory reading, it seems some 13th Age Icons might fit just well in the overall scenario (e.g. the Diabolist might take the role of the goddess Lamashtu). Has anyone done anything with this adventure path? Or ported other Pathfinder scenarios to 13th Age (ideas for Icon implementations are also welcome!)



  • I would just look at the places in the adventure path and reskin them as the Dragon Empire. Some of the factions would need some reskinning as well later on in the story. I'm thinking those Hell Knight organizations ect would be the Crusaders men or even the Diabolist's.

    Mostly though just reskin the places with Dragon Empire locations and you are all set. The actual adventure would be pretty easy to convert with some prep work but it really wouldn't take that much.

    Good Luck! 

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