The Sunflower Masquerade

Currently in the process of writing up Gumshoe Scenarios I've run at Tabletop and publishing them for use by others here: 

If you have any questions let me know, Act 0 of the Sunflower Masquerade is currently up if you're looking for something King in Yellow themed for tabletop. I'll be putting up Act 1: The Stranger Arrives during this next week. 


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    Act I of the Sunflower Masquerade has now been posted....

    Again any comments welcome. If you feel some avenue of Investigation wasn't covered during the write-up, let me know, I can probably provide guidance or make an addendum. 
  • Act 3 will be released sometime this week or the next. 
  • I have this on my "check it out" list--thanks for sharing!  
  • No problem. I may need to go through the layout on Act 0 to make it a bit easier to read as far as formatting. If there is an issue let me know. 
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