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Hello all.

I may be interested in podcasting our groups campaign for the Zalozhniy Quartet beginning also with the Sentries gateway adventure in core. I would of course tail-end all potential posts with a dissociative disclaimer, information on the NBA game and leads to Pelgrane Press, but I wondered if any other permissions are required or if this project is verboten from the start.



  • I'd love to hear a new NBA podcast! I've been posting excerpts of NBA and other games at my podcast, Virtual Play, and I recall looking up the law when I started. I actually don't remember any restrictions with regards to posting recordings. The law was mostly concerned about the participants' rights to know about the recording in the first place. I think there is a lot of interest in hearing actual play so keep us updated if you do it!
  • In my experience, most games companies love to have podcasts, or YouTube actual plays out there. There are some IP issues to watch out for though:
    Obviously don't sit there reading out the rules word for word, that's an illegal reproduction of the copyrighted material (and yes there's some argument about whether game rules can be copyrighted, but let's not go there)
    Don't use images from the game books on your video or podcast icon, these are clearly copyright
    Don't use any logos, eg Gumshoe or NBA - these are trademarks and could also imply official sanction which you do not have
    Don't use any music that isn't specifically offered under Creative Commons. And check the terms of the CC license for any music you do use
  • You have a potential listener right here, so post a link to your work when it's ready!
  • Two listeners!
  • Where do I find the podcast?
  • We ran a few tests with Ashen Stars as a test ground, but we never found the time to edit the recordings into something palatable. In the interest of just having fun we killed the mics and focussed on the game instead. 
  • Oh, too bad! 
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