Trail of Cthulhu - unskilled use of skills

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During our first game on the weekend, this simple question came up and for the life of me I couldn't find an easy answer: if an investigator has no points in an investigative ability, does this mean they cannot use the ability at all? Does the same apply to general skills?


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    Short answer: No, you can not.

    Long answer:
    If you don't have a rating in an Investigative ability, you can't use it.
    If you started a game with a RATING, and has since then spent the points in your POOL, you can still use the ability for Core clues.
    So while a character without Flattery might spend time flirting in a bar, her or she won't get any clues that way...

    It's much the same with General abilities. If you have no rating, you're not allowed to roll. This doesn't stop you from driving a car even if you have no rating in Driving, but as soon as you end up in a situation were you would roll a die (car chase, for instance) you would fail automatically.
    There's an exception for Weapons, Scuffling and Firearms.
    Again, if you have a rating but have spent all your pool, you are still allowed to roll, but your chanses of success are obviously reduced.
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