KWAS: Martial Arts Zoom layout

I did not like the layout of this PDF. It appears to have been laid out to be printed out and assembled as a hardcopy booklet, with cover and then two interior pages per PDF "page". I have two problems with that: firstly, it doesn't read well on a computer screen, which is how I read PDFs; secondly, even if one were to print it out and assemble it as a booklet, it would be rather awkward to do using a standard printer. If you printed it out, folded it and stapled the spine, you'd have the cover, then two facing blank pages, then two facing pages of text, then blank again, etc. The layout just doesn't work for a downloadable product.

I suppose the layout is being done with an eye to the future, if there are plans to assemble the KWAS stuff in a printed edition. However, I do almost all of my reading on electronic devices, and I'm less inclined to purchase KWAS articles if they're formatted in a way that's hard to read in electronic form. It's too bad, since I really enjoy Ken's work.


  • Thanks for the feedback - I've edited the GUMSHOE Zoom: Martial Arts PDF now, so if you go back into your order link and re-download it, it'll come through as individual pages.

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