Unremitting Horror

I've already got the D20 book of Unremitting Horror.

Which makes me curious what there is that is new and/or different in the Esoterrorist version of the book. Is it worth my while to get the new book?


  • From what I see, the big difference between the versions is that this one has GUMSHOE system stats.
  • I think there's an extra scenario (written for Fear Itself) , and a few scenario outlines (for Esoterrorists).
  • Took the time to actually check the book in question:

    5 new monsters.
    10 scenario outlines for Esoterrorists.
    1 new scenario for Fear Itslef, and the original scenario has been expanded.
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    Sorry for the necropost.

    Is the Book of Unremitting Horror still in print? I have been told by an FLGS that it has been discountinued.
  • I just took a gander through the distributors used in my area's listings. They all show it as available/in stock.
  • It is listed for sale in the Pelgrane Store, so it is definitely available from them.
  • Just going by my experience....

    Its good to know that it is still around.
  • Actually not that uncommon. My FLGS uses 4 different distributors and it would amaze you how often one will say an item is discontinued while the other has it in their new releases. And how often both are wrong.

    But in this case it is still out there.
  • Does anyone know if the art from BOUH is up online anywhere? I found a few images on Dave Allsop's site but not the ones I need for a scenario I'm running, and I don't want to damage my copy's spine scanning it.
  • Pelgrane is part of the Brick and Mortar program. If you bought the hardcopy they can give you the PDF.

    Not exactly what you asked, but it is the way I do it.
  • scaevola, check out Dave's deviantArt page. It may have what you are looking for.
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