Play-testers wanted for Evil Hat's new Bubblegumshoe!

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Bubblegumshoe, developed by Kenneth Hite, Emily Care Boss, and Lisa Steele is the Evil Hat's first delve into the GUMSHOE system. The design doc has been drafted and now we're looking for Alpha play-testers to give it a spin!

Interested? Great! Here is what we're looking for:

- Familiarity with GUMSHOE (have run it, played it) to the extent you can fill in the missing details when given a design doc to test
- Availability to playtest multiple times in the next two months
- Veronica Mars familiarity a plus

Still interested? Head over here and let us know who you are! Bubblegumshoe play-test application

Sean Nittner
Project Manager, Evil Hat Productions


  • Will there be rules for combining this with Night's Black Agents? "I'd have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those darn kids! Oh well, I'll drink their blood anyway."
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