No Bookmarks in PDFs?

I got the Esoterrorists 1e PDF as part of the tabletop day promotion, and I noticed there aren't any bookmarks in the PDF. Is this typical in Pelgrane Press PDFs? There aren't any in the 13th Age escalation PDF, but I didn't think anything about it, given that it's a work-in-progress/moving-target kind of deal. So far I like Esorterrorists, but the lack of built-in bookmarks is something of a turnoff.


  • Esoterrorists 1e was one of the first PDFs that Pelgrane produced if I remember correctly. I've just checked a later one (Night's Black Agents) and it has bookmarks, so I expect all recent ones do.

    I wouldn't expect them in pre-release documents, because as you say they are works in progress.

    - Neil.
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