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I see that some users have cool pictures in their profile, so that a little icon shows up when you post. I tried this but all I see is a white square near my name. What types of images are supported? Is there a certain file size? Any reason you can think of why I don't get my image to show up properly?


  • The icon and the profile picture should be different files. The icon is cropped and centred to 32 pixels, so if it's cropping your profile picture, that would be why you are seeing odd results.

    The instructions only mention .jpg files, so I would stick to those. The forum software can probably handle .png and .gif, but I guarantee that.

    - Neil.
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  • Okay, so perhaps all I see is the white space in the corner instead of the entire picture. I'll try some jpg files to see how it goes...
  • Interesting. I discover that when I enter some web pages, it asks if I want to see only "secure" content. If I say "yes" I get to see a white square, but if I say "no" I see a cropped version of my picture. I guess it's working on your end and a little wacky on my end. :-)
  • It's working fine on my iPad. Your picture shows up in your profile and the cropped centre of it shows up as your icon. The secure content message is probably occuri g because your browser is noticing that the images are being pulled in from another site. Saying yes means the browser blocks the content, hence the white square.

    - Neil.
  • Posted By: Marv (finarvyn)I see a cropped version of my picture.
    I'm not sure if you noticed, but there's a spot for an "account picture" and another for an "icon" in your settings. I never knew what your avatar was until I happened across this thread and then clicked on your name. You have a cool account picture, but the icon isn't doing it justice. You might want to consider cropping it a bit (you could probably get it a little tighter around just the head) and then reduce the image size to 32x32. Or you could do something more like what I did, where I used a completely different, yet related, image for my icon.

    BTW, my icon is a .png, so I can attest to that working. Good luck!
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