Does Alter Form affect clothing?

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The power description doesn't mention anything about the mutant being able to change the appearance of the clothes they wear. Based on typical superhero conventions, clothing should be changeable with this power, but none of the other powers seem to give such direct control over the state of inanimate objects.


  • I don't think it does change clothing. At least, that's not how I've played it.
  • The slightly glib answer is "Have it work how you want it to work", it is after all, your game.

    Personally I'd have it not effect clothing, so that the character would either have to get undressed,' if changing into something larger, or crawl out of a pile of clothing, if going smaller. Change back and they are naked. Think Sam from True Blood. But then I tend to run games as CSI: Supes.

    For a more four colour, comic book feel, have the clothes change., a la The Human Torch.

    - Neil.
  • Thanks. I think I'll talk to my group and see what they'd prefer to go with.
  • MCB adds a subversive dash of realism to its superhero tropes. I'd play it so that the mutant power only affects the character's body, not clothes or equipment, with all the attendant hassles.
  • Thanks, Robin. That's what I went for. I felt it suited the style of the game that it was more useful as part of a planned undercover op, rather than am easy way to sneak into places or escape a pursuer on the fly.
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