[ToC] Scene Cards

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Has anybody something to say about actual play use of the Scene Cards? Are they useful? How do players react to them?


  • I tried it in Esoterrorists for a one-shot, and it really ramped up the pace.
  • Would someone care to explain "scene cards"?

    - Neil.
  • A card with the text "scene" printed.
    If the players have all the clues in a scene, but still linger looking for more, the gm can hold up the card to let them know there's nothing more in the scene.
  • Understanding achieved, thanks.

    - Neil.
  • I've taken to using a standard music cue in place of the scene card.
  • @Robin D. Laws,
    Interesting way of scene framing, I afraid it needs a lot of practice and full-time access to ccomposed playlist.
    Can cue switching distract from players and worsen spotlight in high-tension moments? I think yes, but I'll try on next week Arkham DT game.
  • I just use the same cue each time. For MCB, it's the Law & Order scene change sting. For ToC, I use a sample from the Bride of Frankenstein score; for Ashen Stars, the classic Trek door sound.
  • Free stings are available on the Pelgrane Press website.

    For Trail, see here.
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