Share your behind-the-curtain esoterror ideas through real headlines

(I do not know if it is ok to post that kind of stuff directly on a pelgrane press forum ?)

I wonder if people around would care to share they ideas here about what the damn those esoterrists are doing behind those awkard headlines. In the "ripped from the headline" style, maybe can you people suggest here both :
* strange headlines that could be used in an esoterror campaign
* and/or your ideas of the esoterrorist plot behind.

Here is one :

Parasitic flies turn bees into zombies before wiping them out completely
(source : )
Could it be an attempt to develop "bee-riders" flies to spread an unwelcome chimical through the whole flora of the continent, and create a blight ? Maybe you think it is something else ?


  • It's absolutely OK! There is a thread of these on the previous forum.

    As for your headline:

    The Esoterrorists are using the discomfort provided by this news and its consequences to engineer / summon a creature from the outer black which rides and controls humans in the same way.
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    Wikipedia resources for mysteries ... (me discovering internet)

    Any search starting by "list of" in wikipedia gives easy to use material.

    List of shipwrecks
    List of maritime disasters
    List of missing ships
    List of unrecovered flight recorders
    List of abandoned amusement parks
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    Ok, I'll bite.

    In the early 80s, at least 5 serial killers stalked the streets of the South Los Angeles area. 55 victims were found in the area between 1984 and 2007 (though the majority of the murders were commited prior the 90s). Similarities in the cases caused alarm among the local residents and authorities.

    Two ideas spring to mind immediately:
    1. A serial killer cult, aiming to complete a ritual of some sort, with Esoterrorist backing.
    2. The Esoterrorists have found a way to "program" people into becoming serial killers.

    Either way, as several serial killers, using occult symbolism in their murders, start appearing in multiple cities across the country, the Membrane is bound to weaken...
  • Lots more rippable headlines here.

    "Experts are trying to identify the species of spiders that have invaded an Indian village, reportedly killing two people and injuring many others.

    Panicked villagers in Sadiya, Assam, said swarms of the creatures began jumping at people and biting victims during a Hindu festival.

    Indian media said a dozen people had been bitten and treated in hospital and two had died."
  • Virgin birth in a vivarium containing two anacondas females.

    Is it somewhat related to virgin Mary and the Garden of Eve ?
  • Here's an EsoTerrorist plot: "Donald Trump elected president of the United States." Think about it--what other single event has created so much cognitive dissonance?
  • Another one, in the wake of horrible, horrible shootings in Las Vegas: mass shootings are an outcome of an EsoTerrorist plot that apparently self-replicates. Influence of an ODE?

    As I write this I recoil from doing so a bit because the issue is so serious and raw. Too real to game? Or is that the very point? Recruit genuine horror from real reality into the literary form we call RPGs and say something about it, hopefully significant? I typically look to games for escapism or the magic of submersion in another time or place (Rome, Middle Earth, etc.), but why not real issues? No reason a real issue couldn't be handled with respect by an RPG. But is doing so enjoyable? (I suppose that question also applies to cinema--serious dramas vs. action movies.)

    Lots to mull here.
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