Student characters in ToC

edited December 2011 in Trail of Cthulhu
In the new year I'm looking to run RPG Plotter's Madness at Miskatonic but using Trail.

The scenario calls for the characters to be freshmen at the university, but all the occupations in Trail assume slightly older/experienced characters.

So I'm looking for advice on how to create student characters. Do I go with a new occupation that has no occupational abilities, or do characters choose their parent's occupation and have that dictate what is available to them?

All and any thought greatly received. In return I will endeavour to compile everything in to a set of conversion notes for the scenario.

- Neil.


  • Reduce the number of build points or perhaps place a cap on the abilities. reduce credit ratings after all they are penniless students. aside from dilletants or the noveau riche for whom college merely fills the time between holidays.
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