Help with Trail of Cthulhu New Gamer Guide

edited December 2011 in Trail of Cthulhu
Over on RPG Geek, we 're trying to put together a Geeklist guide for gamers interested in Trail of Cthulhu-
The list: Trail of Cthulhu: System Guide for New Gamers. That came about as a result of this request.

I've added more of the core and campaign materials, and some other users have begun to add the various modules. if anyone has an RPG Geek account and experience with some of the adventures or books we haven't added to the list yet, your help would be appreciated.

Ideally we'd like to give people interested in the game a sense of the general premise, if it adheres to one form (Purist, Pulp, etc), how accessible the product is and how useful they might find it for a campaign vs. one-shot.


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