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Welcome to the Pelgrane Press forum.

This is a place to discuss games and books published by Pelgrane Press. It replaces the old forum here.

If you are interested in Trail of Cthulhu, we already have a well established forum over at Yog-Sothoth but you are welcome to post here instead or as well

Forum Rules

You all being sensible and intelligent human beings and that you will take whatever anybody else says in the most charitable possible way.

Be respectful towards other games and gamers. So, own your opinions about other games. "I prefer X over Y" is always better than "X is better than Y" but only compare game elements if it's essential.

An example:

BAD: "The 13th Age Bard sucks. You guys should rewrite it."
GOOD: "There are certain elements of the 13th Age Bard I don't like. I'd like to see an alternative Bard with the following features." (This would work just as well without the first sentence.)

If you find yourself talking at a tangent to the main thread - spin it off.

The thread starter may set rules as long as they don't conflict with the other forum rules. Obey them. Don't post if you aren't sure. If a thread subject is "Tell me what's great about Game X," don't tell them why you don't like, that you haven't played it, or suggest an alternative as your contribution.


  • Glad to see the forums have been rebooted; thank you!
  • Is there any way we could have separate forums for different games (like 13th Age)?
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    Pick your game category from the Categories page, then choose the page for the game you want, then bookmark that page.
  • Hi everyone.
  • Posted By: Dave KrukuHi everyone.
    Hi Dave. Welcome!
  • Hey yo. Just came here to gush about the Dracula Dossier. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Hi to all, i'm also missing category section in this forum. It is somewhat tough to choose the category. is that possible please add categories in this forum and this forum will looks great..
  • Hi to everyone.
  • Is it okay if I share my 'Dark Sun' adaptation with the 13th Age system? I know about the Dragon Kings project, but I'm really into Dark Sun.

    Let me know before creating a Dark Sun thread.

  • Hello Community.

    I just recently ordered 13:th Age core-book from my local store. I've ran Pathfinder, AD&D, WoD and Glorantha mostly. The little tweaks in the D20-system which 13:th Age seems to address has been causing me some twitching before in other systems. I hope to see many adventure-filled hours in the future.
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