What would you like to see for Ashen Stars?

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What new releases would you like to see for Ashen Stars? More adventures, a screen and resource book, starship floorplans with keys, a big campaign?


  • World/location sourcebook with more adventure seeds- perhaps with an adventure framework. Perhaps something prviding seeds/ideas for different levels of investigation: outpost, base, ship, city, landscape, planet, system, cluster.
  • Personally I would like to see a screen & resource book along the lines of the one Trail of Cthulhu got. Maybe the book part could have keyed floor plans for the ships in the main rulebook?
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    As I have no time to create adventures of my own, I'd prefer to see in the following order more adventures, then a big campaign. Floorplans are a bit too much of details for me.
  • Nevrose has a really good point- floorplans, deckplans and all of that seems more detail oriented than Ashen Stars needs. Those seem more like a Traveller supplement thing, with the need to track and move things around on the table. Like everything else, I'd expect ships and starbases to have dramatic layouts- i.e. things are where they are for dramatic purposes. Actually what might be fun is a generator or list for building those kinds of elements. If the crew needs to get from the cargo hold to the brig on a ship, you could have a generator for the 2-3 places they need to pass through to get there. You could have a list of elements as the main book does with worlds that allow GMs to improvise/generate some interesting and different ship/base options without having to map everything.
  • Thanks for all the feedback! The reason I suggested floorplans, apart from the obvious connection with ProFantasy is it makes the ship into a set, and a place for adventure in itself, though I take edige23's point.

    Incidentally, you can vote for your choice over here.
  • Well, I've posted this everywhere else so....

    Having recently discovered the joys of an iPad, including having all my Gumshoe (Trail of Cthulhu, Fear Itself, Ashen Stars and now, Night’s Black Agents) PDFs literally at my fingertips, I have been thinking about how best to leverage the platform for maximum RPG happiness. While having annotatable PDFs immediately to hand is great, I think Pelgrane could be really well placed to go beyond “mere” e-pubs and take it to the next level.

    What I am thinking of is a Gumshoe App, that acts as a sort of container for a given scenario. You would be able to load in a given scenario with it’s embedded rules (ToC, FI, AS, NBA etc). You would also be able to maintain a database of player characters (import from The Black Book?). In a given scene, the characters with appropriate skills to detect clues would be high lighted. You would also have a ready reference for that scene’s NPCs and beasties, tomes etc as appropriate. Just so you don’t have to flick through different documents. I’m sort of imagining a tabbed i/f perhaps with some translucent overlays. Annotation would be available, as would the ability of print out documents as necessary. If you wanted to get really excited, you could also have an imbedded music (or media) player to trigger soundtrack, fx etc….

    It would give the folk at Profantasy another string to add to their bow and would also show that Pelgrane is ahead of the pack in all aspects of RPG publication. Think of what Bjork did with Biophilia…

  • Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing a GM guide for this or any of the Gumshoe games. This would be of particular help to those like myself who have never run Mystery/Investigative games before.

    (I do have the most excellent book, GURPS Mysteries, in my library, but the more help I get now the less of a collective headache everyone gets later. :) )
  • A GM screen would be awesome and a companion in a similar vein to the Esoterrorist Factbook would also rock. It could contain details on important locals, new Alien races, some more K Class, "Shuttles, Shuttles, Shuttles," the new combat options from page xx, important organisations etc.
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    Posted By: edige23World/location sourcebook with more adventure seeds- perhaps with an adventure framework. Perhaps something prviding seeds/ideas for different levels of investigation: outpost, base, ship, city, landscape, planet, system, cluster.
    Sounds cool. I'm voting for this too.
  • I'd like to see a full campaign, mostly because I don't have a lot of time to write adventures. :)

    I'd also like to see a sourcebook covering a series of planets/alien races liberally scattered with adventure seeds.
  • +1 for world/location sourcebook with more adventure seeds.

    A campaign would of course be awesome and much appreciated.
  • I like to have a finished product - by that I mean a complete adventure without much work to do by myself. But I also like when it comes with variants ideas (like I've seen on the DnD website when comes the question "How can you integrate this on your own campaign setting ?"), wich basically does this : change of tone, change of scale, change of bad or good guy (armitage files likewise), and so on.

    So, a versatile and still complete adventure.
  • We are about to release an adventure which bears a non-actionable resemblance to a recent film. You are investigating the disappearance of a corporate sponsored expedition to a bad planet infested with Class K entities. I suspect that you can do better than the original crew!
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    Ashen Stars doesn't get enough love and I have an odd idea for the next book :

    An art book

    Bear with me... A picture is worth, they say, a thousand words and having a visual journey through the Ashen Stars universe would be a blast. "Getting" in a sci-fi universe is , imho, much easier to do with visual references.

    Each character race pictured in multiple roles (Laser, administrator, thug, whatever...)
    Vehicles and equipment
    Planetside & warpside pictures

    No technical stuff or only a bare minimum (and it could be done as a PDF see below). Why ?

    People who don't know squat about the Ashen Stars universe will still have a beautiful book that may get them to look at the Ashen Stars corebook. This book can have a wider audience than the Ashen Stars players and GMs.

    People who already bought Ashen Stars would most certainly get it and have all the technical stuff they need.

    You already have a solid artistic team and would have no problem finding other artists.

    Of course this is not a small project (though it doesn't mobilize much your writers ^^) and the best way to go would probably be through kickstarter.

    There are a load of successful projetcs of this type so it wouldn't be too hard to figure out the pledges level :

    The book itself :




    signed copies

    Limited edition copies

    Then, as different goals are reached you can thrown in :
    _postards using art from the book.
    _PDF with technical data for Ashen Stars players and GMs
    _Signed art

    Don't forget to add a "bundle" pledge level : get the Ashen Stars artbook + the Ashen Stars core book.

    So, well, maybe a stupid idea, but I know that after paging through this (http://www.parkablogs.com/content/book-review-art-of-mass-effect-universe) I just want to play the game one more time.
  • You know I'd really go for that. I think an art book would rock!
  • I'm all for the screen and a campaign book that helps incorporate personal arcs into the whole idea of the campaign.
  • Handouts. My players love when I give them handouts.

    Maps, scrawled notes, electronic displays, faces, dead bodies. Clues, clues, and more clues.

    So whatever you do, include lots of yummy handouts.
  • I agree completely on the handouts :)
  • I'd love to see Ken's take on Class K entities done in the same style as his descriptions for Trail of Cthulhu. Would make a superb issue of KWAS.

    - Neil.
  • Another printing! :P

    Or is that addressed elsehwhere? Sorry, my first time here. Is Ashen Stars getting another printing or do I need to keep searching the internet?
  • From this month's See Page XX and Simon's View from the Pelgrane's Nest:

    "Ashen Stars has just been reprinted in all its full-colour glory and will be back on sale by 15th May."

    - Neil.
  • Wow! This is great news! :)

    I will say, now that my first request has been answered - adventures.

    I love pre-published adventures. I do. Now, a published adventure can be a lot of things at once.

    First, they can be a crutch. The more rigidly you follow a plot, the less players feel like they're in control. Many published adventures can be rail-roady simply because they can't gauge or measure player response in the same way that a natural GM with intimate player knowledge can. Published adventures often focus on balance over set-pieces, on formula over randomness. I'd be willing to bet that there are more 'dungeon crawl' published modules out there than there are every other genre adventure combined.

    That said, they have benefits that in my opinion far outweigh the costs.

    Stories are the reason lots of us even play RPGs - I know it's the reason that I play a lot of video games. While I think most GMs can cobble together a decent enough story, a published adventure module can generally ahve a certain je ne sais quoi, an intangible quality of writing that has an even greater coherence than I could have anticipated. In games that require lots of thinking and problem-solving, especially GUMSHOE or investigative games, a module has an intricate web of events all planned out and waiting for the GM to use.

    This is to say nothing of the convenience; even if I did trust myself as good a writer as the venerable Robin D. Laws, I simply don't have the drive to cobble together something that has such grace.
  • Have you tried Dead Rock Seven?
  • I did play it. I thought it was excellent, actually; I wish I was better at writing up adventures, but I found Dead Rock Seven to be a stupendous product.

    Honestly, I really liked the pregenerated characters at the back of the book. They were such a lovely bunch; the perfect set of space opera characters, all these subplots ready and all these rules ready to go. It was perfect, and it even had some stuff (like letting a 'human' use Vas Mal abilities) that could inspire.

    I noticed the overarching themes with the Restreamers. To me, this made it the ideal product; not just a single itinerant adventure but a sort of campaign model that people could build off. Sort of a one-issue version of Paizo's insanely detailed Adventure Paths.
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    As stated before, a GM book (planets, tips, xenoforms, hooks, customising) + a screen, &/or a campaign would be superb.

    My 2 creds,
  • Fleet combat rules.

    Really, I know it is not used too often, but players love when campaign can end with some great mass combat.
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