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I'm a big fan of keeping track of my favorite blogs and forums via RSS feeds. I subscribed to Pelgrane's 13th Age forum feed a while back (thank you for enabling that feature!), but the feed content is unusual, and it's preventing me from getting much use out of it.

Typically, an RSS feed is sorted by the most recent post (or comment to a post), with older posts and comments below. They're time stamped with the time of the comment or post. In this way, I can glance at my RSS reader (which I look at several times a day) to see if anything new has arrived since I last checked.

The Pelgrane forum RSS feed is instead more like a snapshot of the actual forum category, as it would appear on the web page. The difference is subtle but important.
  • Sticky threads that always appear at the top of the screen also appear at the top of the RSS feed, even though they're very old
  • While the discussion posts are sorted by the most recent post or comment, the time stamp always displays the time stamp when the discussion post was originally made, not the most recent comment. Thus, for long-lasting discussions ("So how about that barbarian?" discussion on the 13th Age category, for example), the RSS feed will show that the post is a month old, rather than just a few minutes old.
  • If I click on the link on the RSS feed, it takes me to the top of the discussion, rather than to the bottom. Since I'm looking for the most recent content, the bottom would be the natural place for the link to point to.
I don't know how much of this is configurable in Vanilla, but if someone would please see if something can be done to address this, I would very much appreciate it.

If any examples are needed, I'd be happy to provide some RSS feeds for other RPG product forums that behave the way I describe above. Thanks!
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