Shotgun damage at point-blank range?

All shotguns gain +1 damage at Close range (NBA, p. 67). Do they also do this extra damage at Point-Blank? With the difficulty of scoring extra damage in NBA/Gumshoe, it makes me think that shotguns just get the general +2 damage at point-blank that all guns get, not +2 for all guns and another +1 for shotguns.

So if Joe Agent has a 20-gauge shotgun and fires it at point-blank, the gun is treated as heavy because it's a shotgun at close range (base damage +1) and +2 points bonus damage for firearms at point-blank for a total of +3, correct?

And a 12-gauge at the same range also is only +3, since it's already heavy and treating it as heavy at close range makes no difference, correct?


  • It's hard to simply and clearly state this rule, as it's combining three sorts of things:

    Guns are deadlier at Point-Blank range: +2

    20-gauge shotguns are as deadly as 12-gauge shotguns at Point-Blank range: +1

    Shotguns only do "extra shotgun damage" at Close range: at Point-Blank the shot hasn't spread, and at Near, it's spread out too much.

    You've got it exactly right in your example, but just to be super clear:

    Joe Twenty fires his 20-gauge. At Point-Blank: +3 damage. At Close: +1 damage. At Near: +0.
    Jack Twelve fires his 12-gauge. At Point-Blank: +3 damage. At Close: +2 damage. At Near: +0.

    This is a bit annoying, since a 12-gauge never does its "normal" damage of +1.

    I suppose we should all be thankful that I didn't give in to the temptation to provide special rules for sawed-off shotguns.
  • Thank you for that, Ken. Sawn-offs are tricky, they'd have shorter range due to the increased spread of shot. But as a Director, I'd rule that they are simply easier to conceal. We often see bad guys concealing sawn-offs under duffel coats in the movies. In the movie The Soldier (1982), the KGB bad guy had a pair of sawn-off shotguns hidden in the sleeves of his coat and rigged so that he could fire them by holding out his arms and lifting his hands in a sort of "stop" gesture.
  • I'm glad I found this; I surely would have been doing shotgun damage wrong otherwise. It would be very helpful if this could be made clear in a small chart (or example, as above) in some future edition of NBA.

    Or maybe (hint, hint) an NBA GM's screen.
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