Mistake in General Abilities for Martin Harvesson


On p49 of Trail we are presented with the sample character Martin Harvesson and on p27 the explanation of how his character and stats were created. If we total the number of points up in General Abilities this equals 75 not 65 as stated in the rules and the discussion on p27. p27 has a typo - 'Since with a Driving of 5' should be 'with a Driving of 10' (if p49 is right) and on p49 Scuffling is missing it's numerical entry, should be 10 (to match the other * abilities). The points are spent as follows;

8 Athletics
5 Disguise (yielding 10 points on the sheet)*
5 Driving (yielding 10 points on the sheet)*
5 Firearms
5 Health (starts with 1 for a total of 6)
6 mech repair
6 sanity (starts with 4 for a total of 10)
7 stability (starts with 1 for a total of 8)
5 Scuffling (yielding 10)*
8 Sens trouble
5 Shadowing (yielding 10)*
8 Stealth
2 Weapons

* because they are half-price occupational abilities.

This totals 75 not 65. The confusion arose in the sentence on p27 starting "He tentatively buys 5 rating points in each of the four... spending a net 10 build points...". If correct then that makes four typos on p.49 where each of the starred abilities should be 5 not 10. That would fix the total to be 65 and make the potential typo on p27 of 'Driving of 5' to be correct.

I find the physical separation of the discussion p27 and the character p49 a bit odd. I would thought that it would be much better to have the discussion on a facing page where, given a little more space, could be discussed with more clarity and easier to refer to the resulting character.

Finally, even fixing these typos this character is odd for two reasons. Firstly his abilty levels in his core occupational abilities is lower than some of his others, e.g firearm of 5 < sens trouble 8. Secondly on p26 it says "...concentrate your points among a few abilities, giving your comparatively higher ratings than you want in the investigative category". (another typo there - I think the word investigator or character is missing after 'your'). So Martin has 13 abilities out of 24 possible ones. Is that 'a few' - it seems like he's a bit of jack of all trades to me.

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