Wild Healer Regeneration uses

Hey everyone!
Had a quick look through here but couldn't find this question in any thread. If I missed it, please redirect me to any answer available ^_^
We are using a translated version of the 13 True Ways and the text seems to get a little ambiguous here...

Does the wild healer receive both daily and per encounter uses of the Regeneration spell or does she receive daily uses and the "per battle" section in the table refers to how many times it can be cast during a given encounter?

For example, a level 7 wild healer initiate receives: 2 daily uses and 1 per encounter use of the Regeneration spell.
In scenario 1: the initiate can cast Regeneration at least once every encounter and have 2 extra Regeneration spells, just in case.
In scenario 2: the initiate can cast Regeneration twice per day, but only once in a given encounter.

Which case would be correct?


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