[Advice] ToC demo and/or other one shots plus something I don't understand.

So, Hi everybody. I'm new to this forum, but not to rpg world. So, I need some advice.
1) I noted that a lot of scenarios for ToC are like "one way", but the phb says the the core of the ToC and the gumshoe is to give the players a lot of clue, real ones as well the fakes, so the main problem for the players is to gather and understand the correct clues. As I said, it seems that the scenarios, especially the short ones, give the players only the real clues, and no fakes. There something I don't catch?

2) I'm going to demo ToC at the Lucca Comics&Games fair, and I'm thinking of using the "Ritual Pursuits" demo on the site. Do you think is a good scenario to demo? And regarding #1 question, it seems a railroaded scenario with no chance of errors. But, what if the entire point is to literally investigate the clues? I mean, if I only give player real clues to compose the correct puzzle, what is the point of the entire scenario, since they don't need to do almost nothing to get the clues?

3) Do you have suggestions about other possible scenarios to play a short game (about 2 hours)? Keep in mind that I'll have at my table people that probabily don't know the game, so I need about an half hour explaination of sheets and things about Cthulhu.
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