General Mutant Powers with a Pool of ZERO

Can a Mutant with a Flight of Rank 20 but an actual current Pool of 0 still fly?
Can a Blaster still use his Heat Blast for 1D6 damage even with no points left (and with crappy chances to hit even a barn) or is his gun - so to speak - out of bullets?

This question applies to all General Mutant Powers - Investigative Powers can clearly be used at Pool Zero if you don't need points spends for special stunts.


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    This is a really good question. I think you can, for those which don't require a spend in order to do anything at all. So, you can fly gently, but not make a force field.
  • Does this also apply for Sonar? That would mean that the defect "Blindness" loses much of it's punch since it is closely connected with Sonar.
    Sonar gives you +2 to Shooting (and I would think also Blast powers - not mentioned but I don't see why not) for a 1-point-spend. Making Sonar usable even with a zero spend would then mean that you can function almost at your full capacity, even when blind because the increase of the Hit Threshold of the opponenet would the be - in my opinion - null and void since it says in the power decription that sonar is generally suoeriuor to the sense of sight, except when it comes to fine textures and colors.

    I think that it makes sense but then Blindness is almost a "dud" defect. Or do you have to spend points to use it at all, and then get the +2 to shooting - even if you just want to find your way out of a dark tunnel?
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