Multiclass question

Hi! I read a post about a paladin/commander build which seems really fun.;

My paladin is lvl 6 and it feels like theres not much more happening with the class now so multiclassing seems like an interesting option.

Now I've read about multiclassing and I'm not sure how to go about it since I'm not starting from lvl 1?


  • There's a section of 13 True ways that talks about multi-classing after 1st level. Basically, when you go to level 7, you adjust your character to fit with the multi-class rules (give up a paladin talent to take a commander talent, adjust HP and defenses, etc), and by the time you're done you're no worse or better off than if you had multi-classed from level 1.

    ...Except for the key ability modifier restriction. I believe for paladin/commander the combo is Str/Cha. If you were building a MC paladin/commander (hereafter referred to as "pammander") from level 1, you would almost certainly make your Str and Cha equal to each other, since you'd be using the lower of the two for most purposes. As you're already level 6 and presumably didn't plan on multi-classing initially, I assume your Str is higher than your Cha. If your Cha is already pretty high (like 16 or 17) it's not a big deal, but if your Cha is only 12 or 14, that's going to weaken you significantly. If your GM is merciful, maybe you can adjust your ability scores a bit. If not, either accept that your raw damage output will be much lower but will come with the added flexibility of a commander, or wait for your next character to try out a pammander.
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