Dealing with Absent or New Players

With number of skill slot dependent on the number of players in the game, what does a GM do when that number changes due to absentee players or new additions to the crew?


  • An extra player isn't really a problem, hopefully it will just fill some gap in the group skill set. Since the idea is that the players should always get the clue, having to many abilities available isn't something bad.

    An absent player is a problem though, as it could result in the group missing an ability they need. Someone (probably Robin Laws) suggested that the available players could still use some abilities from the missing player along the route of "I remeber when Becky showed me how use this program" or something.
    If it's a modern setting, you could use phones for this, "Hey Becky, it's me. What was that thing about acid you mentioned last week again?"
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