Confusion re conspiracy in (S)entries scenario

I'm sure I missed something and hopefully someone can point it out to me.

I'm running NBA Sentries via PbP on RPOL. I was trying to figure out the logic for Anton's actions.

****Spoilers for scenario**** don't read on if you haven't read it or played it


Per the scenario, Anton double crosses the agents because he wants the laptop as a bargaining chip with the vampires.

But it was the vampires who hired the agents. So he's really working at cross-purposes to his own goal. The only thing that makes sense to me is that Anton doesn't​ realize he's tanking his own chances to get what he wants by taking the vampires' prize.

Is that the correct interpretation per the writing?

Thanks for any guidance. Want to make sure this hangs together for my players.


  • Anton wants to get healed from his kidney disease. For this reason he tries to become a non-dying vampire. Normally his empoyers are not interested to grade him up in this way. So he needs the laptop as bargaining chip (this was my simple explanation - something wrong with it?).
  • Ok. I guess that works.

    Just seems like a really bad idea to steal the laptop knowingly from the vamps to trade it back to them. But hey, he's desperate, right?
  • Yes, you´re right. He´s desperate and his time is passing (and maybe he´s mentally shaken already and doesn´t know very much about vampires). Poor Anton.
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