Cthulhu Confidential errata?

Quick note: page 8 of the hard cover, no text on the left hand column... just my copy? (I plan to print out the page from the pdf to a nice sticky to add to the column, but I wanted to double check whether it's just a blip).


  • Not just you. It's in the PDF, which means the hardcover now has essentially no purpose, as I've never been able to bring myself to deface my books, even with corrections. :/
  • p.321 of the book, under the Source "Louisa Reynolds, Nurse"
    Replace : "Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Languages, Oral History, Theology"
    By : "Medicine, Pharmacy,Psychology"
  • p. 20 Preparedness is a Mental skill, not a Manual one. Confirmed by Robin Laws his own self on the GUMSHOE Facebook page.
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