Question on Monster attacks

If a monster has let's say +9 to hit AC(2 attacks):
A) does the creature get 2 attacks at +9 as a standard action


B) does it seem overly dangerous to have the creature use both attacks on any single opponent it's engaged with ...especially if it is the only opponent it is engaged with ( concerned this is too deadly for the PCS )

Note: the +9( 2 attacks ) is just for illustration

Thanks for any help/suggestions


  • Yes to both. However, if the monster has attack options then it cannot be intermingled. For example: Claw and Bite (2 attacks) OR Lightning Fork.

    Claw and Bite would be rolled as two separate d20 rolls, each with the +9 bonus. It's up to you whether you want to focus target or share the pain, so long as they meet the rules of engagement. It shouldn't be overly deadly if the engaged player is a healthy fighter, paladin, barbarian, melee druid, etc.
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