Being Recruited

I been wondering if you guys have done any preludes on your games. I mean, how do you make your average Joe join in the Ordo?.
how you make a PC not being able to leave the Ordo or turn his back?.

i been thinking a lot about the game and about how Grim the setting can be, my players really get themselves in character and they tend to try to stay away from situations in which their characters are forced to take part of such group or organization's policy (Particulary the one involving killing witnesses of the Outer Darkness).

So, how you make a PC join the Ordo. and how you keep his character within the organization, making him unable to leave?


  • I've run a short adventure (as a con scenario actually) about being recruited into OV. The approach I had was one of a Clayton's choice - i.e. they are damned if you do, damned if you don't.

    I personally don't see why OV wouldn't blackmail, threaten or otherwise coerce its agents to get jobs done. Once you know the truth - that humanity lives in an ever shrinking bubble of chaos and depravity - I don't think it would be too hard to get someone to dedicate their life to the cause.

  • What about showing them someone who walked away?

    The team is assigned to track down and monitor a former agent. The order is worried the agent may be too close to the Outer Dark.

    It takes a bit to find the agent. They hid themself well, buying everything with cash, moving a few times since leaving the order, and leaving double blinds leading towards esoterrorists locations/individuals and law enforcement.

    Once they are monitoring the former agent, show the players a person, who anyone outside the order, would consider insane. Everything the former agent does is done in a specific or controlled manner. They have little rituals for everything. Research OCD and PTSD to see how to incorporate behaviors associated with them.

    Then pull out their view and reveal how that agent actually has little to no control of their life. They shut themself in a box to keep out the darkness (or the light) and in doing so, condemned themselves to a horrible fate.

    Now, figure out if the former agent is actually compromised by an ODE or just a loose asset. You will need to work those clues in to the storyline.

    Do they frequent a local university library readding books from the history or religion sections?

    Has law enforcement picked the former agent up for alcohol related problems, drug issues, or being a public menace (ranting in the streets is so last role playing game - what about repeated code enforcement fines related to excess garbage on the property or dead vermin in front of their property at the same time every month)? And are those charges real, called in by someone out to get the agent, or a compromised law enforcement agent?

    Now, is it better to work for/with the order, or walk away?
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