Character development idea in my "Behind Enemy Times" campaign

I'm running the "Behind Enemy Times" campaign. We started with "The Gadget" and are now in "Thief in the Night". During character creation session, we generated a rogue timewatch agent codenamed "Snake" which would linked to the whole group but a few folks are more tightly linked to him. He's a rival to the group with his own agenda.

The agents wish to recruit Angelica Hsieh into Timewatch. I find the idea great. They spent a point of charm to have her as an asset for the Thief in the Night mission. After the mission, they will bring her to Timewatch for joining the organization. Considering one agent is an admin who was raised at Timewatch and another agent is secretly one of the founders, they have more than enough clout to have Angelica join.
I described one of her tattoos as the ouroboros linking her to Snake. I got an idea to make Angelica the parent of Snake. It would fulfill the time travel trope of meeting the parent of another character before they are born.
In my notes for Snake is that he wants to remember his past and Timewatch put an interdiction device on his past thus preventing anyone from travelling to those events. He doesn't know why and wants to find out. I'm figuring that it would be something big enough which threathens all of Timewatch probably risks the Big Bang itself. I just need to figure it out.
One thing I love is the the player playing the admin revealed last session that one way she considers taking revenge on someone is to completely remove their identity from existence while keeping the person there and aware. I privately suggested to her that her agents potential secret (she didn't have one yet) is that she's done it before. She likes the idea but wants to think about it. If she does, I might Snake one of her victims.

Who do folks think of making Angelica Hsieh the mother of Snake? Any other ideas I should consider?
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