Questions about the forum

Okay, I'll confess that I've been away for quite a while, but I recently dusted off my 13th Age books and am inspired to talk about the game again.

(1) It looks like there are hardly any posts in the last year or more. Is there another place to discuss Pelgrane Press games, or is there just not much chatter?

(2) Looking through old threads, it looks like half of the posters have this big red "banned" box instead of a picture. Did something happen here to merit so many posters getting banned?

It's just a bummer to return here, only to find that the place doesn't seem the same any more. I'm still excited about 13th Age and want to find others in the same state of mind. :smiley:


  • 1. Various Gumshoe games have fairly active communities on both Google+ and Facebook. I know there is one such communtity on G+ for 13th Age, so I guess that's a good place to start.

    2. This forum was spammed to death by various bots a while ago, you're seeing the effects of that...
  • A bummer. I have an older computer and it doesn't like G+ much. I guess I can try Facebook.

    Some of the posters seemed very non-botlike. Must have been something more than just spraying for SPAM.

    Well, good to know that at least a few folks are active here. :-D
  • The 13th Age subreddit is a lot more active.
  • Thanks for the link. Never heard of that place before, but it does seem to have some decent traffic recently. :-)
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