White Dragon's Ice Breath - Twice in One Turn?

Hey, I have a fairly simple question:

The White Dragon has two attack rolls as part of its "Claws and Bite" attack. It also gets to use its Ice Breath attack as a free action if the attack roll is a natural 16+. My question is: if both attack rolls end up being a natural 16+, does the white dragon use its breath attack twice as a free action in the same turn?

From the rule books I would assume the answer yes, but it seems like it has the potential to become quite devastating - especially when combined with the Raw Power special ability (as is the case in the dragon I'm about to run), since the dragon could end up having two breath attacks a turn several times in one battle.

Does anyone know the answer?


  • I would say yes since the dragon cannot control his ice breath like other dragons usually can.
  • I typically assume only one breath attack per round, but I'm not sure if I got that from a rulebook somewhere or if it just seemed to make sense to me that way.
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