Toshiba asked to improve the semiconductor business valuation good business can not be cheap to sell

According to the "Nihon Keizai Shimbun" reported that Toshiba asked the intention to invest in its semiconductor business enterprises and funds will be the business valuation of 2 trillion yen, according to the initial report, Toshiba Semiconductor business valuation of the lowest about 1 trillion JPY.

Due to the US nuclear power business charges 700 billion yen huge losses, Toshiba is discussing the divestiture of its semiconductor memory business, the establishment of new companies. While the proposed new shares to sell, to make up for the Group's financial deficit. The semiconductor memory business was the main source of profit for Toshiba, and in the fiscal year 2015 (as of March 2016), the semiconductor sector contributed more than 100 billion yen in profits, while Toshiba's overall net loss exceeded $ 460 billion. lm317dcyr

On February 3, Toshiba launched the bidding process for the spin-off of the semiconductor business. In order to maintain control of the new company after the spin-off, Toshiba plans to sell less than 20% of the new company's shares. And to participate in the bidding part of the enterprise want to get more shares, so there is wait and see mood. It was estimated that the valuation of the semiconductor business between 1 trillion to 1.5 trillion yen.

Since then, Toshiba informed the relevant companies to invest more than 50% of the new tender conditions, and even rumors, Toshiba may sell all the shares of the new company. At the same time, Toshiba will be scheduled for the end of March stock sales time postponed to April after. Reported that Toshiba hopes to take a long time to assess the contents of the assets of the acquirer to achieve the maximum sales proceeds. qpi-5lz

It is reported that intends to contribute to the Toshiba semiconductor business, including the US West data, Taiwan Hon Hai precision industry and other enterprises, as well as a number of European and American funds. There are rumors that Apple and Microsoft also have funding intentions.
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