"Chromes & Coppers" MCB Campaign Notes

Chromes & Coppers

Newly introduced to Mutant City Blues, I am intrigued by the MCB setting and would like to put down some campaign notes. I will continue as long as there is mutual interest.

The core book recommends that you put MC in your home city but since I don't know your home city, I will make my MC a fictional location and you can make what adjustments you wish.


Mutant City isn't its real name, of course, but that's what many people call it nowadays. Through happenstance rather than actual planning, MC began a mecca for mutants and today MC has the highest mutant demographics in the US.

Here are just a few facts for now to help bring MC to life:

* MC is connected to the Atlantic Ocean, which means the city can be anywhere on the Eastern US coast from Maine to Texas. I will even broaden the possibilities to say that MC can be on the shores of the Great Lakes (indirectly connected to the Atlantic Ocean via the Saint Lawrence River).

* MC is sometimes considered a mosaic of other cities as its different boroughs seem almost microcosms of the cities:
+ There is legalized gambling in one of the neighboring towns.
+ There is a small movie and entertainment industry called Follywood by its detractors.
+ The town has a French Quarter, founded by some New Orleans expats.

* The Quade Institute happened to be in MC when the SME occurred. One of the first organizations to realize the scope of the SME, mutants across the world flocked to MC. Many of them stayed.

I will stop here for now as time is pressing...
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