Force Salvo Adventurer Feat single target

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Hello everyone, I have a question.
During a game of 13th Age, a heated argument broke out about the wording of the Force Salvo Adventurer Feat.
Hear is the text:
You can now target a specific creature with more than one bolt. Once you hit that target, you must target a different creature, and so on. (Roll your attack after each bolt before picking a target for the next bolt.)

The Wizard player in this argument says it means that you can attack the same target with multiple bolts, as long as you declare the amount of bolts you use (For example, if you have 5 bolts, and you attack an orc with 3, if the orc is still alive after that, you can't attack it with the other 2 bolts).
The GM says that it means you can attack a target until you hit, after which you must target something else.
I'm looking for a ruling (Preferably an official one) on who is right.


  • Here's some comments from Rob about Force Salvo. It doesn't directly address your question, but might give you some insight:
  • I've always read it as max 1 hit per target (but feat allows for multiple tries). It is amazingly powerful even at that limitation.

    In short, players who pick wizards solely with the purpose to be a god (i.e. they come from Pathfinder or D&D) and twist the rules to be as overpowered as possible are not fun to play with and should not pick wizard. Let me guess, he is the kind of player who picks wood elf too?

    Magic users are a bit special in games like these and they should not ask for extra favors. Except maybe druids but I am still unsure of what I think of 13th age druids. (They feel so pathetic and weak but somehow the math still kind of suggests they are good)

    Stand your ground, the spell obliterates stuff already. It is SUPPOSED to be an awesome AoE spell not an instant-win boss killer. Oneshotting bosses is superboring for everyone!
  • It clearly says you pick a target for the next bolt after rolling for the current one. So, you get 5 bolts. You attack the boss monster with 1, roll, miss, attach it again, roll, miss, attack it with 1, roll, hit, now you must pick a different target.

    You can also attack the boss, roll, miss, attack the minion, roll, miss, attack the boss, roll, hit.

    The only question I now have is that can you return to your original target once you hit a different one. If not I would expect the wording to include: "You may still only successfully hit each target once"
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