Prequels for Eyes of the Stone Thief?

Hi all,
so I recently got Eyes of the Stone Thief, and I was thinking of starting a campaign. Besides Make Your Own Luck, has anyone integrated the other available 13A scenarios (Blood and Lightning, Shadows of Eldolan and The Strangling Sea) into a campaign with a unique theme? Any help in devising a common thread would be greatly appreciated!



  • While I love "Eyes of the StoneThief," I'm not a big fan of the "prequel adventures" for it. In each of them, the Stone Thief appears near the end, but the PCs don't get to enter it. I would rather not "tease" it like that, but instead have the big reveal be the first expedition.

    That being said, one of the free adventures from the first season of "Tales of the 13th Age" has the PCs going to Omen, the isle of living dungeons. That could service as a good prequel with a bit of tweaking (and maybe that's where the Stone Thief catches the PCs' scent and thus follows them back to their hometown to devour it). The name of the adventure is "Omenquest," and it's for 3rd level PCs, perfect for the leadup to Stone Thief at 4th level.
  • Thanks! I'll look for that scenario.
    My idea is more to provide seeds to the existence of the Stone Thief. In a sense, I'd like the campaign to start from 1st level rather than 4th.
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