December's 13th Age Monthly?

Has there been any official word on the delay for the December issue of 13th Age monthly? I'm eager both to get the issue, and to re-subscribe for 2017!


  • I am seeking this answer too. Where is that December issue!?
  • I received this email on Friday: you may want to check your spam folder. Bad news, I'm afraid.

    Dear Subscriber,
    December 2016's installment of 13th Age Monthly, Volume 2—High Druid's World—is running late due to Rob failing his saving throw against illness. Thankfully he's feeling better now, and we're working to put this issue out mid-January with wonderful cover art by Naomi VanDoren. We are sorry about the delay.

    High Druid's World will be the final issue of 13th Age Monthly.
    The decision not to renew the Monthly for a third volume was a difficult one: we took account of the sales, and the resources and creative energy it took to run it, and decided that Rob’s time was better used concentrating on new books for 13th Age—including the 13th Age Bestiary 2.

    13th Age Monthly has been the source and inspiration for many new ideas, some of which we’ll develop further in future products. Thank you so much for supporting us, and keep enjoying 13th Age!

    Offer: On Friday 13th January, we'll be running a sale in the website- 13% off all 13th Age products.

    Simon Rogers and Cat Tobin
    Pelgrane Press Ltd
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