Read Mind as a weapon!

Hi there! Juts today we played (I gmed) "Cell divison" from "Hard Helix". During the fight against the terrorists one of my players had one cunning idea: After on eof the villaisn attacked him with Induce Fear, he retaliated with Read Mind - normally an invetigative power.
He figured: Induce Fear ia waaaaay faaaaar away from Empathy, Read Minds and Telepathy - powers you can used to detect the use of Read Minds directed against someone. Since most people without "Mind Powers" or exceptional willpower and mental strength have a lot of Stability and crazed terrorists certainly aren't of that type if they are not "mentalist" the villain has maybe 2 to 4 point. So if you "mind drill" him for 5 points you not only get some useful information but also force the victimized villain to make a Stability test against his Reda MInds Pool of 10 (in his case). Fat chance.

Of cours ethe viallian failed and I ruled that he developed an instant Stage 2 Panic Disorder, putting him out of the fight immidiately.

So far, i have no problme with that. Good thinking, good (if exploitive) (mis-)use of a power.
Yes, it was highly illegal for the Detective to do so (felony with up to 20 years) but the victim is a terrorist and killer who slaughtered civilians and police in front of hundreds of cameras on Time Square AND can't really tell who "mind-raped" him! Only knows the fact, not the perpetrator - and honestly: Who is going to really investigate the complains of such a person to any lengths. So, I am entertaining the idea of throwing the book at the SC (probaly with no result other than to make the player sweat), but did I rule correctly or did I overlook something?


  • I have no idea! But I enjoyed the write-up and rewarding clever players is always a good thing.
  • @Der Rote Baron System-wise, there is nothing wrong with your interpretation, but the illegal use of that power is a terrible thing. I think it might be fun to have an NPC civil rights lawyer or journalist investigate this and hone in on the officer as part of the character's backstory. Anti-mutant activists might become involved, and others would entirely support the officer's actions.
  • Thanks for the suggestion, Simon. A laywer is already working on the case of this dastardly abuse of the civil rights of this upstanding mutant terrorist!
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