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Hey, guys. Just finished a Hillfolk character sheet in Spanish for my group and I thought I should share. And, since I was already on it, I made another one in English just for the kicks of it. Many of you are probably using the character sheet from the draft and I guessed a new one could be welcomed. Either way, enjoy!

Ucho's Simple Hillfolk Character Sheet (Esp)

Ucho's Simple Hillfolk Character Sheet (Eng)

And now that I think about it, it'll be a while till we have an official Hillfolk character sheet and, even after that happens, many of us will be running DramaSystem games in settings other than the Hillfolk one, so perhaps having a thread where we could share sheets designed for Sci-Fi series pitches could be quite useful! So don't be shy, folks, and share those customised character sheets you made for your homebrew Neon Genesis Evangelion series pitch or something!


  • Regarding the Spanish character sheet:

    I'm sure many of you won't agree with some of the choices I took when translation several terms and that's fine. Why didn't I translate bennies? "Bennies" is slang for Savage World's benefits so I first thought about calling them "beneficios", but it sounded just weird. Then I decided to translate bennies as "benis", but even when that's how I pronounce bennies, it was weird seeing it written down like that. Add to that the fact that most Spanish-speaking Savage Worlds groups call them "bennies" as well then… yeah, don't fix what isn't broken.

    The actions. Oh, boy, the actions. I could have used the verb infinitive so they don't come up that weird at first but, as you know, in the original they use the gerund too. Probably the choice most of you will have problems with is sneaking as "ocultándome". I also considered "escondiéndome" but that wouldn't include the action of sneaking into a enemy village unseen. Neither of those two choices fit the action of hiding something somewhere or sneaking something into somewhere, but yeah… I think "ocultándome" makes the most sense in general and that's why I went with it.

    Oh, right, I almost forgot! I was going to add a box for "My story" just below the "I am" and "Role" ones, but it looked pretty bad and my players wrote theirs on the back of the character sheet anyway.
  • I don't think the "Antropos" font is embedding in the PDF.
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    Ugh. It should be solved now. Rookie mistake!
  • That does it - thank you!
  • These are great. Thank you for posting them!
  • Now that the final version of Hillfolk is out I wanted to say thanks. These sheets are still better than the ones that come with the book!

    I think a character sheet absolutely needs a spot for bennies as well as marking down which prodecural tokens you have between games.
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    I made a french character sheet (using onenote).

    Here is the last version : French Character Sheet
    Here is an example of how I use it : Louve Blanche
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    Here is an update. Tweaks : alternative terms ("extremes that attracts me" instead of "poles", "opportunities" instead of "bennies", and so on ...) and achievements (at the end of his scene, the caller marks the achievements he accomplished [after consensus]. When all achievements are marked, the player wins a benny. It is like giving XPs to players mid-game when they do what you expect. Try it, it is a lot of fun :] )
    Last english version : English Character Sheet
    Last french version : French Character Sheet
    An example (in french) : French Character Sample : Patte d'Ours
  • That's a neat idea Nevrose! Reminds me of Apocalypse World by directly and immediately incentivizing desired behaviors.

    Thanks for sharing your sheets, I like that they include spots for "what I want" and "why I can't get it".
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    Inspired by Nevrose and Ucho I made a character sheet, player reference sheet, and GM reference sheet. It's generic, suited for any DramaSystem game.

    It also has room for all that tasty character info that the default sheets can't really fit.
  • I played and made a DramaSystem Character Sheet. The challenge was to made it one-sided. Here they are, both in English and in French. They are free as in beer and you are granted to share the link if you want to.

    One-sided DramaSystem Character Sheets

    Enjoy. Hope you'll find it useful.
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