Armour and the Shifter's Beast Form

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If a druid wearing heavy armour shifts into beast form, do you allow them to keep wearing their armour (AC 14), or not (AC 10)?

If you do allow them to keep wearing their armour, how do you explain it in game? Are they still wearing regular amor as a beast (like the panserbjørnes in the His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman) or does the armour improve their beast's form natural defences (e.g. thicker hide, bony plates, hornlike coverings, etc.)?

I feel like that second option would make the most sense, especially if limited to "natural materials" only, but would you allow it with any armor, or only with magical armour?

According to 13 True Ways, p. 50 :
Your magic items stick with you and you get the benefit of their default bonuses. Yes, this means the bonuses from your magic axe translate to your beast form. Shifter adepts can use their magic item powers while in beast form. Shifter initiates can’t, but see the champion-tier feat below.
If you don't allow non-magical armour in beast form, do you consider the base AC of 14 to be part of the "default bonuses" of which the druid does benefit when they shift while wearing magical heavy armour, or do you limit that bonus to +1 AC only?

And what about lycanthropic form? Do you allow a druid in lycanthropic form to wear their regular armour? To carry a shield? To wield a weapon (or two)? If not, do you consider the Shake it off power to be the only advantage of the lycanthropic form?


  • Good question (and timely for me, as I'm about to start a campaign with a Druid Shifter character).

    I'd interpret it as, whatever AC you have in human form, then that's the AC you have in beast form.

    I base this on the fact they didn't mention anything about it in the rules—if they meant AC to be something other than your actual AC, they would've said (of course, I could be completely wrong).

    (I'm not worried about trying to justify it, it's a magical transformation, so I'll just hand wave it and move on.)
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