Wizard Familiar Champion Feat clarification

"Once per level, if your familiar is close to you, it can cast one of your spells as a free action on your initiative count, even if you have already expended the spell. The spell functions as if you had cast it."

Interpretation 1: Each level my familiar can cast a spell from my spell list as indicated above. He can't do it again until I level up.

Interpretation 2: I'm level 3, so my familiar can cast 3 spells. Once he's used up those three, I have to wait until level 4 before he can cast spells again.

Anyone from Pelgrane able to clear this up?


  • While I'm not from Pelgrane, I'm pretty sure it has to be interpretation 1. Otherwise, you could take the feat at high level, use it a bunch, then retrain it to something else later. There are a number of powerful feats and abilities that use the "once per level" wording, and I'm pretty sure they all use interpretation 1.
  • Yeah, they all use 1.
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