Dedlet's 13th Age Eberron Conversion - Part 3c: Dragonmarks

Sentinel (House Deneith)

The Mark of the Sentinel conveys powers that protect creatures from harm. The humans of House Deneith put their powers to use in the Defenders Guild, which offers comprehensive bodyguard services to persons of position of wealth. The house also provides sentinel marshals that jurisdiction across national boundaries. The unmarked members of House Deneith work as bodyguards without the benefit of magical assistance.

Possible dragonmark benefits:

Adventurer Tier: Cast mage armor on yourself or an ally during battle; grant yourself or an ally 16+ resistance to a form of energy for the duration of a battle; cast shield on yourself on ally during battle.

Champion Tier: Take the damage from a single attack targeting a nearby ally and direct it to another nearby creature; cast Blink on yourself or a nearby ally.

Epic Tier: In a battle, cause all enemies to ignore yourself or a nearby ally so long as the recipient does not move or perform any attacks.

Shadow (House Phiarlan / House Thuranni)

The Mark of Shadow grants divinatory powers of clairvoyance and scrying as well as illusory powers of deception. Members or both houses continue their ancient work of espionage, surveillance, and similar intelligence-gathering activities while outwardly pursuing mercantile activities based on entertainment and artisan endeavors. Unmarked members of both House Phiarlan and House Thuranni work as entertainers and artisans who gather information and serve as spies and rogues.

Possible dragonmark benefits:

Adventurer Tier: Cast disguise self on yourself or an ally; activate your mark to pitch a nearby area in darkness; pick any mundane lock; infiltrate a criminal network to gather information.

Champion Tier: Use clairaudience or clairvoyance to spy on individuals in an adjacent room; you cast the scrying spell; perform a rogue’s shadow step attack once in a battle; do double damage on a successful sneak attack.

Epic Tier: Open a magically sealed lock; grant an ally the ability to perform a rogue’s shadow step attack once in a battle; do triple damage on a successful sneak attack.

Storm (House Lyrandar)

The Mark of the Storm grants the power to control weather, primarily through the manipulation of clouds, wind and rain. The half-elves of House Lyrandar control the Windwrights Guild, which dominates the business of shipping and transportation over both sea and sky. Their Raincallers Guild provides services to farmers across Khorvaire. Unmarked members of House Lyrandar are prosperous farmers, plantation owners, and sailors crewing the ships driven by their marked relatives.

Possible dragonmark benefits:

Adventurer Tier: Grant yourself and your allies resistance to the natural elements; summon fog in a 3 mile radius; alter the climate in a non-damaging manner in a 3 mile radius; make a clumsy attempt at piloting an airship.

Champion Tier: Create a mild storm; summon a wind to propel a ship across the sea; commandeer an airship.

Epic Tier: Command your own airship; summon a gale; summon a blizzard; create a scorching heat-wave.

Warding (House Kundarak)

The Mark of Warding protects places from unwanted intruders and items from theft. The dwarves of House Kundarak control the Warding Guild, which specializes in security for businesses and precious goods. Unmarked members of House Kundarak work as security consultants, often specializing in trapmaking as well as running the House Kundarak bank and finances.

Possible dragonmark benefits:

Adventurer Tier: You have access to the House’s many connections, anytime you need a favor, you know a guy to go to; you can create a normal trap on the fly (MacGyver style); you can disarm normal traps as good as any Rogue (if you are already a Rogue, don’t bother rolling); you become immediately aware of someone tampering with your belongings or your home base, no matter where you are (but you might not know who did it).

Champion Tier: You are so connected now you can procure the services of the other Dragonmark houses at a 50% discount; you can create Hard traps on the fly; you can disarm Hard traps with a wave of the hand; when someone tampers with your stuff you know who did it.

Epic Tier: You’re probably running some kind of financial empire, or organized crime syndicate by now; you own politicians and officials (but let other folks manage House business because you’re out there busting heads); you can create and disarm ridiculously hard traps; when someone attempts to tamper with your stuff, it usually results in a body to clean up (the exception this might be one particular Icon).
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