Dedlet's 13th Age Eberron Conversion - Part 3b Dragonmarks

Hospitality (Mark Ghallanda)

The Mark of Hospitality grants powers related to food and shelter. The halflings of House Ghallanda carry the Mark of Hospitality, which is extremely useful in the halflings’ native nomadic culture. In the cities of Khorvaire, House Ghallanda operates the Hostelers Guild, whose members include innkeepers, chefs, and restaurateurs. Unmarked members of House Ghallanda run some of the finest hotels and restaurants in Khorvaire.

Possible dragonmark benefits:

Adventurer Tier: Purifying enough food and water to feed 15 individuals for a day; spontaneously light of snuff out a candle, torch or small campfire; warm, chill or flavor up to a gallon of liquid; prepare an extravagant meal for the representative of an Icon.

Champion Tier: Magically create food and water to feed 8 individuals for a day; magically create a warm, dry, simple shelter for 8 individuals for a single night; you remove ongoing damage caused by poison from an ally in battle.

Epic Tier: Create a magnificent feast for a group of individuals which removes all ailments and grants them a resistance to fear effects (or some other possible effect the player chooses at the time he creates the feast) for a short period of time. You remove ongoing damage caused by poison from all your allies in a battle.

Making (house Cannith)

The Mark of Making grants the power to mend or fabricate material goods. The humans of House Cannith operate the Tinkers Guild. They often travel as widely as more traditional tinkers, stopping in villages to repair goods as they go. House Cannith also runs the Fabricators Guild, whose members include those who can fabricate new items rather than just repair old ones. Unmarked members of House Cannith are well-to-do artisans and less often, mundane tinkers.

Possible dragonmark benefits:

Adventurer Tier: Fix and repair any mundane item that has not been completely destroyed; create a single one-use magic item; suppress or alter the quirk of a magical item for an hour; allow the benefits of a single oil to stack with magic item bonuses.

Champion Tier: Repair serious damage to a magical item; create up to 4 one-use magic items; for a single battle, pick the secondary rune effect on an item rather than roll randomly; cast confusion on a golem or construct; create a clockwork homunculus to perform a simple task.

Epic Tier: Repair a destroyed magical item; create up to 8 one-use magic items; cast charm person on a golem.

Passage (House Orien)

The mark of Passage bestows magical powers related to transportation and teleportation. The humans of House Orien are the bearers of the mark of passage. They control a worldwide Couriers Guild that uses its powers to carry parcels, messages, and people over great distances instantaneously - for a high price. The house’s Transportation Guild oversees lightning rail and caravan routes throughout central Khorvaire. Unmarked members of House Orien work as mundane couriers, often within the boundaries of a single city or nation.

Possible dragonmark benefits:

Adventurer Tier: Flee from a battle without incurring a campaign loss; summon a wagon or cart; perform a dimensional leap to a nearby or far away location; make a clumsy attempt at piloting a lightning train.

Champion Tier: Create a dimension door which lasts for a single round; summon phantom steeds for up to 8 individuals; commandeer control of a lightning train.

Epic Tier: Fly for up to 10 minutes; teleport you and your allies to any location you are familiar with.

Scribing (House Sivis)

The Mark of Scribing grants powers related to writing and communication. Those who carry it specialize in the magic of the written word, serving as diplomats and translators. The gnomes of House Sivis control the Speakers Guild, which offers the services of translators and mediators and can facilitate instantaneous long-range communications by means of short messages. In addition, House Sivis controls the Notaries Guild, which uses their powers to certify legal documents and similar work. This guild also prepares secure documents intended for specific recipients and performs transcription and copying services. The unmarked members of House Sivis serve as mediators, scribes, messengers, go-betweens, and sometimes diplomats.

Possible dragonmark benefits:

Adventurer Tier: Apply an arcane mark to a message guaranteeing its authenticity; magically whispering a short message to a recipient up to 50 miles away; understanding all mundane languages; deciphering a script or mundane encoded message; acting as mediator for important negotiations.

Champion Tier: Communicating in a non-mundane language; transmitting a complex message to a recipient up to 100 miles away; sending and receiving short messages with other House members carrying the dragonmark anywhere in Khorvaire.

Epic Tier: Send a complex message to anyone in Khorvaire provided you have a general description of their identity and rough location.

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