Dedlet's 13th Age Eberron Conversion - Part 3a: Dragonmarks

Dragonmarks as Icon Rolls

Rather than take a feat, the player selects a Relationship with a dragonmark house and decides this represents their character possessing a Dragonmark from that house. If they elect not to possess a Dragonmark they may still belong to the House, performing instead the mundane tasks. The mechanics for the icon roll remain the same. If the player scores a 5 or 6 they may decide the benefit results from the use of their Dragonmark.

The benefit to using this method is it allows for more interpretation from the players as to how the Dragonmarks function.

Below are examples of how some of the marks could be used. Do not consider this list in any sort of way as definitive. When creating it, I took the spells and abilities from the Eberron book and D&D rules and used that for a rough idea of what can be done. However D&D and Eberron are not 13th Age, and the characters from D&D are ridiculously hindered by the game’s mechanics whereas in 13th Age, the sky's the limit with respect to what the players can do. The examples below serve more as a guideline for the scale of reward rather than a definitive list.

So when trying to think up Dragonmark Icon benefits, try to keep the following in mind:

1. At level 2, a 13th Age character might be called upon to command a force in a battle or lead the defense of a keep. By level 4, 13th Age characters are in the top 99% of their class. After that, they are the paragons of their class.

2.Being amazing at what they do, 13th Age characters should get to do things other people only dream of accomplishing.

3.13th Age heroes are the ones who are called upon to solve the world’s problems.

4.In a pulp setting the heroes start out awesome and only grow more awesome from there. Your characters are the Flash Gordon, Indiana Jones, Doc Savage, Sam Spade, Zoro, Starbuck, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jessica Jones, Sydney Fox, and the entire cast of good guys from Star Wars for this setting.

5.If you are picturing an awesome cinematic moment where a hero would pull off some amazing stunt to pull through a situation. Stop imagining it, offer your 5 or 6 from your relationship dice and put your character immediately in the driver’s seat.

Detection (House Medani)

The Mark of Detection grants abilities that enable its possessor to discern the presence of threats from poisoned food or scrying eyes. House Medani controls the Warning Guild, which offers services related to personal protection. Unmarked member of House Medani sell their services as scouts, sentries, and similar occupations.

Possible benefits for dragonmark use:

Adventurer Tier: Detecting the presence of magic in an area; detecting the presence of poison in a food or drink; the possessor of the mark picks up an important clue or detail which would have otherwise been missed by mundane observation, or looks at the crime scene and knows exactly what went down.

Champion Tier: The possessor becomes aware of the fact someone is scrying him or his allies; the possessor becomes aware of the presence of an invisible creature/object/feature in the area, possibly right before an ambush or trap is sprung.

Epic Tier: The possessor draws on the power of the mark to grant himself true seeing for 10 minutes.

Finding (House Tharashk)

The Mark of Finding bestows powers related to locating creatures or objects, making those who carry it useful as investigators or bounty hunters. In addition, members of the Finder Guild serve an essential role in locating dragonshards and selling them to other guilds for attunement. House Tharashk controls the Finder Guild, which includes freelance inquisitives, some law enforcement agents, explorers for hire, and prospectors. The unmarked members of the House Tharashk assist their dragonmarked kin in every area.

Possible benefits of dragonmark use:

Adventurer Tier: Identifying the properties of a magical item; discerning the proper direction to take in order to locate an object or person; the possessor of the mark notices a hidden or lost object that otherwise would have gone unnoticed; the possessor of the mark locates a hidden entrance to a dungeon, fort or stronghold.

Champion Tier: You create an apparition which seeks out an ally in the same region and guides that person back to your location; you divine the location of a creature familiar to you who is situated in the same region as you.

Epic Tier: You determine the general location of a creature or object that is familiar to you anywhere on Khorvaire.

Handling (House Vadalis)

The Mark of Handling grants powers related to the care and control of animals. The humans of House Vadalis control the Handlers Guild which controls the business of breeding and selling livestock throughout Khorvaire. Though the elves of Valenar are gaining a reputation for breeding the finest horses in Khorvaire, their steeds are rare and expensive, while House Vadalis provides a strong, loyal, and affordable mount. Unmarked members of House Vadalis are animal handlers, breeders, auctioneers, stablekeepers, drivers, and teamsters.

Possible dragonmark benefits:

Adventurer Tier: You pacify or cast charm person on an animal which is not being controlled by other means; you may speak with an animal for up to 10 minutes.

Champion Tier: You can possess a friendly creature and control it’s actions for up to 10 minutes; you cast confusion on a hostile beast.

Epic Tier: You cause an animal to grow to double its size for a minute. You summon a paragon of a specific type of animal to come to your aid.

Healing (House Jorasco)

The Mark of Healing grants curative magical powers. The halflings of House Jorasco carry the Mark of Healing and operate the healers Guild, which controls both the mundane and magical healing trades. A sick or injured person in Khorvaire is far more likely to seek healing from the Healers Guild tan from any temple, and in fact most temples do not offer healing services for sale. Unmarked members of House Jorasco are expertly trained in the healing arts, as well as in fields such as alchemy and herbalism.

Possible dragonmark benefits:

Adventurer Tier: Provide complete healing and restoration for up to 20 individuals in a day; you provide each of your allies a free recovery after a battle.

Champion Tier: Neutralize a poison; cure a natural disease or infection; restore a lost limb; you provide each of your allies a free recovery during a battle.

Epic Tier: Revive a recently deceased individual after a battle; completely heal one ally in a battle.

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