[Dracula Dossier] Can Linea Dracula vampires' voices be recorded?

As the title says. My players are about to find recordings of someone being interrogated by an Edom-affiliated vampire.

Linea Dracula vampires are not supposed to show up on camera (NBA p.146), but what about their voices - can they be recorded at all? I realize I could decide either way, but I'm interested in what others think.


  • You could mess quite badly with the players if they only hear the answers but have no idea what the questions are I suppose. I don't let them hear recordings of Vamps myself but whatever works best for your game is always the way to go.
  • I like the lack of recording. It makes methods of communication limited by nature - drac can't pick up the phone, for example. Also, one-sided conversation could be really interesting.
  • A lack of recording makes vampires seem more otherworldly, so if you're going for damned or a supernatural take on telluric, then I'd favour that.

    [Aside: Unredacted includes an element that it's a psychic strain even to *paint* Dracula - perhaps transcribing his words has a similar effect, and most of what he says in the book is paraphrased]

    If you're going for a pseudoscientific take on telluric, then I'd suggest a device can either record a vampire, or that a vampire's (and thus its electric field's) presence either means no recording at all, or a crap one, whether or not the vampire actually speaks.
  • Their voices could not be transmitted or recorded in the excellent Ultraviolet
  • NBA specifically calls out Ultraviolet as an example of vampires where not even the voice could be transmitted electronically. ("Two-Way Mirror," NBA, pg. 131)

    I agree that it could be entertaining to have only half of the conversation, especially if it is strictly answers to unheard questions.

    Or, looking at the Linea Dracula Vampire powers, perhaps the mesmerism can be effective through a recording. The interrogator might say things that cause listeners to forget what they hear. Worse, listeners may be given unpleasant commands - anything from giving away their position (calling some number that alerts the vampire to the investigation), killing whoever provided the recording in the first place (a way of protection from further distribution, or to sow seeds of mayhem), or some other mischief.

    Whatever you decide, NBA discourages giving players a reliable method of detecting vampires, and calls out that Aberrance spends can be used to "fake out" such detectors.
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