Tracing the coastline of the map

I was about to continue a campaign in which I GM, but since in my group nobody but me understands english too well, I'm also doing the extra step of traslating the relevant parts of the SRD. To engage more the players I also need to translate parts of the Dragon Empire setting (but that's not big deal because I'm planning a personal spin on the setting obvioulsy).
I know that the traslating the SRD is not a problem since there are actually a couple of projects in italian and also other languages.
I am tracing the official map (only the coastline actually) to draw an italian version to engage my players more, so that doing so they may become more proactive in suggesting interesting stuff themselves.
To foster the local RPG community I was also willing to share it publically (with some sort of copyleft I guess), because I love the game but in my country basically everyone is playing Pathfinder.

So my question is if tracing the coastline of the map is actually permitted.

PS: I originally posted it on reddit
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