Dracula Dossier Player Question

So, I hope to someday play The Dracula Dossier as a player. What of the myriad of DD books out there are actually for players, and can be read without spoiling the game? Thanks!


  • I don't think you can spoil it by reading anything as so much is up to what choices the GM makes before and during play.
  • I'd stick with Dracula Unredacted. Even though most of the information in the Director's Handbook has multiple options, you might spoil some of the possible fun by pre-reading any of it.

    The Thrill of Dracula (Ken's survey of Dracula movies) should be fine as well.
  • My players found the EDOM Field Manual (at least the prop part) and combed through it pretty closely.
  • I let my players find the Field Manual eventually, but only after they'd learned something about Edom via other means.
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