How to stop a Hell hole forming

Ran my first session of 13th age this week and from a simple introduction with some Kobold's messing around in Bitterwood we ended up in a town near Anvil which is possibly on the way to becoming a Hellhole and has a Redcap problem.
Any suggestions on how the pc's can maybe stop the hellhole forming?


  • Well, a PC serving the GGW might perform a ritual that requires great sacrifice, like perhaps a magic item, or something that the PCs have to quest to get and involves danger.
    Whereas a PC serving the Crusader might have to perform a ritual that requires sacrificing the PC serving the GGW. Or just a few of the local priests of the Gods of Light living in the town.
    Or you could be "boring" and have the PCs descend into the budding hellhole and destroy whatever demon or other entity whose consciousness is the catalyst for the hellhole in the first place, but really, who wants to do that?
  • Depending on how you want to do it, there are options. The most amusing is... if orks are living manifestations of destruction, could you somehow cause them to form inside the hellhole and attempt to destroy it? Sure, then you've got orks to deal with, but at least it's not a metaphysical wound on the world?

    Another option would be a necromantic ritual (possibly tied to the Lich King somehow?) where you create a small army of undead, and the spell keeps raising corpses inside the hellhole as forces to attack anything inside the hellhole and push in further. It might not close it, but if a hellhole is able to be closed from the other side, they might do it just to prevent a growing invasion of undead.
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